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Plants, trees, garden accessories, seasonal home decor and more!

At Robben Florist & Garden Center, we grow thousands of perennials, annuals, shrubs, grasses and vegetable plants that can transform your garden and landscape! We’ve got everything you need and more to create an excellent outdoor living experience. Robben Florist & Garden Center is a paradise away from home. Stroll through our many greenhouses to find the perfect annuals, perennials or garden products for your home.

Download Plant Pricing

Onion Sets $1.99 lb
Scotts Triple Shred 1.5 cu ft $5.50 each
Pine Straw $10.99 bale
Straw $9.99 bale
Cow Manure $3.99 each
Baccto Potting Soil $10.99 40lbs/$15.99 2 cu ft
Michigan Peat $3.99 40lbs
Topsoil $3.99 40lbs
Grass Seed 5lbs $17.49 Kentucky 31 or


10lbs $34.99 Kentucky 31 or Finelawn